Review: Cathy Pacific Lounge San Francisco

Cathay Pacific Lounge San Francisco

Where: International Terminal A

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My journey started out on a rainy Thursday at SFO. I had checked in at the Cathay Pacific counter and was provided a lounge invitation. When flying in first or business class you’re provided with access to the airlines lounge or partners lounge if they have one. Because Cathay offers three or four flights a day out of SFO, they happen to have their own lounge. Even though I wasn’t flying up front, because I have Executive Platinum status on American, which is a One World Partner of Cathay’s I had access to their lounge. I was through security close to 9 AM and my flight left at 11:20 AM, so I had just enough time to get some last-minute work done, make a few phone calls and eat some breakfast.

Once I checked into the lounge, which is on the mezzanine of Terminal A I found a nice quite spot in my favorite corner. I’ve not been here for a few years, but not much has changed. The furnishings, food and drink seem to the be the same as they were before, which made me happy. At this lounge they offer up a noodle bar with some super tasty options, and I was excited to get my favorite Dan Dan noodles (noodles in a peanut, pork and chili broth) YUM.

The lounge in one very large space broken into five rooms off one long hallway. When you enter, you’re in the middle room which consists of many loungers and club chairs in a semi-private layout.

Partial image of the dining room
Cold buffet
Drink station

To your left is a small dining room that serves a cold buffet and also a self-serve and drink station with beer, soda and water. To the left of that room was another space that has more loungers’ mini corrals for working and relaxing.

Lounge area with work/relaxation pods

To the right of the check in desk is the main dining room, that has two and four tops as well as a few communal bar height long tables. There’s also a cold and hot buffet here too, the noodle bar, espresso machine, beer and spirits. Finally, to the right of that room is one more lounge space with semi-private two, four and six seat club chairs and sofa sets.

This area is where I always find myself and seem to be the least traveled area. The lounge also has a few shower rooms, but I can’t remember what and how they’re setup, it’s been many years since I’ve used them.

My hang out spot in the last room

Finally after getting settled, I got my Dan Dan noodles. I was one happy camper. They’re peanuty, spicy and just all around delicious! I didn’t do much else while here. Nor is there that much else you can do here, but eat, drink and relax. But prior to a long flight it can be the perfect escape to get you ready for the journey ahead. I think for me getting way from the hustle and bustle of the gate area and the shops in a quite spot is what I want prior to any flight. I want to be able to just relax eat and drink something and this lounge does exactly that.


Would I say this is the best lounge at SFO? No. But I’ve not been to all of them. Do I like this lounge? Yes. It’s comfortable, modern and just right to get you ready or the journey.

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