Review: Delta Airlines First Class- Salt Lake to Oakland 


I don’t fly Delta a lot, but when I do I’m reminded about how much I like them. This year I only had 10 segments on them, all domestic, and overall I enjoyed my trips. This short 560 mile trip takes a little less than 2 hours.

This older 737-8 had four rows of 2-2 seating up front and 23 rows of 3-3 economy seating. Thankfully I was upgraded to First Class due to my Alaska Airline status (yes Virginia miracles still happen).


What I like about Delta is simple. The staff are friendly, the planes are clean and most planes have Wi-Fi. I’m still perplexed as to what flights offer meals and when, but this I can get over. I’ve always seen a bottle of water at every seat up front at boarding. I’ve yet to have any other domestic airline offer this on normal flights. Oh and they keep passing out water like its candy. There’s also always a blanket too, no matter what time of day. These are small details, but in this age of cost cutting these are nice features. Lastly they offer complimentary movies and TV shows up front too. The Delta Studio product is pretty cool, and as long as you have a mobile device or computer, you can log in with your seat number and name and watch anything for free. This even covers current shows and movies, again something that UA and AA don’t do on mobile devices just on their inseat TV screens (Delta does that too). It’s a nice touch.

Not much legroom




In this case the seats are old school super cushy and comfortable. They were maybe top notch 20 years ago, but hey you get a bit more space, food sometimes and a drink if you want it. That being said I just can’t say enough about the staff. They’re always great and always friendly, or at least they are in my small sample size.

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