Review: Doubletree Suites Naples Florida


Several months back I got to work on my suntan in central Florida on the gulf side. While I was in Fort Myers, I spent a few nights at the Doubletree Suites Naples Florida.

It was a sleepy little hotel and offered up a pretty decent spot to rest my head. After checking in I went up to the room and was happily greeted with a nice two room suite. Yippee!! Well there all suites Dummy.


The sitting area had a coffee bar, sink and mini fridge. There was also a work desk, fold out couch with ottoman and a TV. The sitting room was not huge but was comfortable enough and would provide some needed extra space if you had others with you. The bedroom had a locking door and the bathroom could be accessed directly from both spaces, which meant some extra privacy too.


The bedroom was a bit smaller than the sitting area but since it only had a bed, dresser, TV and closet it felt larger. There was just a lot less stuff in this room.

The hotel also provided a welcome letter, thanking me for my Hilton loyalty, they had laid out the bathrobes and even gave me some water and snacks. It was a nice touch, and I appreciate the diamond recognition.

For a work trip the room was the perfect size. There’s nothing I could have been disappointed with. And like I mentioned earlier, the connecting bathroom was great.


It too was not large, but would be enough if there were two of you getting ready at the same time.






As for amenities of the hotel, they had a pool that looked nice with lots of loungers and a bar/restaurant. Both of which I didn’t try out. Shame on me for not even bringing a swimsuit.

Overall it was a nice little hotel and if I had a visit to central Florida again, I’d find myself right back here.


  1. Just so you know, the Ft. Myers area is considered Southwest Florida. The natives will slap you silly if they hear you refer to it as Central Florida, as that term is restricted for the part of the state where you can find the House of the Mouse. 🙂

    P.S. Isn’t that kind of a haul commuting from Naples to Ft. Myers? I have family in Bonita Springs, and I recall that the drive even from there isn’t much fun, depending on the season and time of day.


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