My Daughter’s Famous… Well Sort Of


Getting ready to hear the “Bing Bong Song” for the first time as part of the movie

Ok so she’s not famous…Yet. Though, as a parent of a four year old, I’m incredibly excited for my daughter’s feature film voice debut in the newest Pixar release Inside Out. She only has 4-6 lines in the whole movie, but when I hear them I know it’s her and that’s all that matters. Her voice is one of many that plays young Riley. In her case it’s the 3 year old memory of Riley playing hockey and singing the “Bing Bong Song”. Listen for it in the first 10 minutes.

Where all the magic happes


Mom and Sophia reading lines
Proof that we were all in the recording studio

Although the two recording sessions were over a year ago, every time she goes to mommy’s work she asks, do I get to sing the “Bing Bong Song?” It’s just one of those really great memories I hope she never ever forgets. Plus the fact for the rest of her life she’ll always be able to say she had a part in a movie, and has the screen credit to prove it.

There she is in the credits…IMDB here we come
It’s time to finally see her feature film debut. I’m as nervous as a schoolgirl
One of many amazing posters for the foreign release

Waiting for the film to be released and to hear her parts integrated into the move was torture for me. Having to wait almost 15 months was not cool. I was incredibly giddy ramping up to the screening my wife and I were to attend in early May. Not only was I excited to hear her part, but very excited to see the film, it’s premise sounded interesting and I’ve never seen a Pixar film I didn’t like…Well except for Cars 2 that is. Plus the voice cast was pretty incredible too, and I couldn’t wait to see what magic the studio was going to do this time.

Sure I could write a review and all that jazz, but I’ll save that to the experts and unbiased out there. Let me just say that I loved it the first time and adored it even more the second. It really had me on all levels, the humor was great, and the story even better and just the way that they were able to visually express emotions and feelings really got to me. Bravo again. Ok I’ll stop gushing.

Getting ready to see the movie, I can’t wait

Here are a few more of the European posters




These posters don’t give away the plot of the movie…But once you see it they will make total sense. My two favorites: The one below and Feeding The Unicorn










Two very proud parents of an actress!!!


  1. This is way cool! Jason Evans sent me your blog- after reading my post about Inside Out. So let me have a bit of a fan girl moment that an old HS friend has a kid in my favorite Pixar movie EVER. 😉 CONGRATS! Now I’m going to binge read all your travel and Disney posts to catch up. (This is Patty Wills from Northgate, BTW) I also run a little Disney- maybe I’ll run into your wife one day at a race.


    • Thanks for the kind words. Love your review….it was a really fun experience to see her record the words and then finally see it in context last month. Happy you loved the movie. Looking for a big weekend.


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