Review: Sheraton Towers Singapore



After my stupid good flight on Singapore Airlines from Shanghai to Singapore, I had about 12 hours to kill before heading out on SQ 12 Suites Class to Los Angeles. I arrived at about 10 PM and could have easily slummed it at the airport. The lounges are open 24 hours and there’s a transit hotel and a Crowne Plaza connected to Terminal 3. Besides these hotels Singapore is chock full of 5 star properties that run the gamut of hotel chains. I was trying to stay on a budget of sorts and based on cost would have used points or cash depending on how expensive the hotel was I would end up staying at. In this case it came down to how much time I would actually have at the hotel and how much it would cost, and decided that the Sheraton Towers Singapore on cash was the best way to go. I really wanted to stay at the Conrad or W Sentosa Island, but they were both too expensive anyway you sliced it (cash, points, or cash points).

After a quick cab ride I was quickly greeted by reception at the hotel. It was quiet at reception, but there was a wedding going on one level up and you could tell people were having a really great time. I had requested a Sweet Suite Upgrade. As a Starwood Platinum who stayed 50 nights with them in 2014, I get 10 confirmable upgrades. These can be used and will confirm up to 5 days out from arrival. At the four day mark I received an email letting me know I had been upgraded to an Executive Suite. This is my fourth year as Platinum, but the first year I’ve qualified on nights and gotten the 10 upgrades, so I had no idea how good a deal this could or would be. In this case once I got there I was assigned my room and quickly went off to get some shut eye. On a side note, I’ve almost gotten upgrades as a Platinum, so I’m hopeful that the Sweet Suite Upgrades will actually get me an upgrade when I haven’t previously.

The lobby waterfall


Lobby bar and restaurant


My hotel room

I was really impressed my room it had a ½ bathroom off the entrance and then a 4 person dining room table with a tucked away wet bar. Which had a small fridge, sink and cabinetry for storage. To the right of the dining room was a living room with sofa and two chairs plus an armoire with TV. Overall the sitting area was quite spacious and comfortable. Additionally, the entire wall opposite the entrance had wall to wall windows, sadly from the 12th floor there was not much to see except the office building across the street.

Room entrance and entrance to guest bathroom.


The living room


Dining room and wet bar


Sitting area and TV


The bedroom was on the other side of the wall from the living space. It was not the biggest room but when you add up the living space, the wall of closets and the bathroom the hotel room was pretty large. Besides the king size bed, a large TV, the room had 2 side chairs, a writing desk and two side tables. The best part, the bed was so comfortable and made my night of rest perfect.

The bedroom


Hallway of closets

 The bathroom was also quite spacious too. It had a double sink, bidet, shower and bathtub.

Yes my bathroom has a bidet


Double sinks and tub


Bath amenities by Cenizaro



I think this would be a good hotel to stay at for more then one night. Location wise, it’s close to many tourist attractions. It;s almost across the street from the hawker market on Scott Road, a short walk from Little India and also pretty close to Orchard Road. So for the tourist or person on business this should be a good option for most. It also was only about 15 minutes from the airport by taxi and $12 USD, sure the metro would be cheaper,  but a taxi is faster. It definitely seemed like a nice hotel worth a longer stay.

As a Platinum, I was given free Wi-Fi access to the lounge which included breakfast. Because I got up at such an early hour and headed to the airport by 6:30 AM the next morning, I never go a chance to see the lounge or have breakfast there. Don’t fell sorry for me though, I was on my way to visit the lounge within a lounge within a lounge also known as The Private Room at Singapore’s Changi Airport


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