Let The Holidays Begin

Traveling is not always all it’s cracked up to be. But most of the time it is. I’ve had a pretty busy end of November and most of December. I really enjoy spending time seeing new sights and getting to spend time on planes, especially when on vacation and when I get to sit and sleep in a suite like this.

Asiana a380 first class!!

That being said in the past month, I’ve been away from home 25 of 28 days, and I’m just looking forward tobeing home. At least only 11 of those days was I away from all of my family. The one that I’ve been missing though, is my little monster who I can’t wait to spend the holidays with. Since November 30th I’ve only been home 30 hours, so getting to spend time with her will great.



Let the holidays begin!!!

37,000 miles in 28 days.




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