Review: Hilton Dublin Airport

Hotel Facade


On my recent trip to Dublin I spent one night at at the Hilton Dublin Airport. There are a few Hilton properties to choose from in Dublin including a Conrad (my favorite brand), but at $120 bucks per night it was in the right price range so I booked it. All the others were close to if not over $200 per night and way over my budget for a one night vacation. The hotel was not at the airport, but was within 10 minutes by shuttle which they did have BTW. It ran on the half hour and was free from the airport but was 2 Euros going back.

The Room:

It was not big but was good for one or two people. I felt the room was very similar to the one at the Hilton Munich kind of funny. The room had a work desk, side chair and side table, plus uber comfortable pillows and soft feathery blankets. Plus like any good European hotel they also had a hot coffee/tea pot and supplies. I ended up somehow getting a handicapped room so my bathroom was pretty large and had a sliding curtain in the shower area instead of a tub or standard shower.

The TV was pretty large in size, but since I was beat I never turned it on so I have no idea if it had a good channel line up or not. The work desk also had a standard European, UK and US power plugs. It was pretty cool. The only knock I had was there were zero plugs near the bed, in fact there was only one other plug in the room and it was by the TV . Oddly there were about seven plugs behind the bed but the format of the plugs were none of the ones mentioned above, and my universal power plug would not format to it. Why do I care, well I have a CPAP (for sleep apnea) and I needed to use it, which is hard to do if you can’t find a plug, and in this case the ones on the desk were  too far away.


My room TV and workdesk


Bed and side chair


Closet and coffee/tea station


My shower



Sink and vanity

The Lobby Bar and Restaurant:

As a Diamond Hilton Honors member, I get free breakfast. Sometimes it’s just continental and sometimes it’s a bit more. In this case it was on the bit more side. They offered several standard Irish breakfast staples like fatback bacon, beans, eggs, sausages and broiled tomatoes. Plus they had all of the good standbys like toast, cereal, fruits, cheese’s and yogurt. They also had a small selection of juices and local butter and jams for the roll and bread offerings. I love it when hotels make it a point to provide local specialty items like this. Breakfast was pretty good, it was self-service, but the wait staff would get water coffee and tea.

The restaurant and bar also provided a full lunch and dinner menu plus beer and alcohol selection. I didn’t partake in either I know how could I have missed out, but I did hit a few other bars and restaurants in town so I was full. I even had a free drink coupon, what was I thinking?


Lobby bar and restaurant
Lobby and bar


Fruit and yogurt spread
Meat and potatoes
Irish jams and gellies

Overall Impression:

As a city/airport hotel it was just fine. It was close to the airport and as I said had convenient transportation. They offered an onsite restaurant and bar that seemed to be well frequented too. Across the street there were at least four bus lines and a large shopping center. The bus lines went into downtown and only cost 2-3 Euros per direction and took about 35 minutes to get there. But instead of 25 Euros that a cab would charge per direction. Plus the busses were all double-decker so you got a really great view of the city this way. Not too bad for a few dollars.

It was not the fanciest hotel in the world, but as a business hotel it was what I expected. Friendly knowledgeable staff, clean rooms and providing the amenities I need. I would have preferred to have stayed in the heart of the city, but I didn’t have the budget and I had an early flight in the morning and being close to the airport was a plus too.

Hilton Honors Benefits:

Complimentary breakfast

One free drink

Two bottles waters in my room

Free Wi-Fi (they did charge for this normally


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