Review: British Airways shorthaul London to Dublin

As part of my trip to Dublin, I had the opportunity to fly British airways from London to Dublin and back. This was my first short haul experience on British Airways. In fact I’ve been racking my brain as to when I’ve flown them before, and I can only recall one flight about three years ago from Singapore to Sydney. If I flew them as a youngster when making infrequent trips to India, I’m going to have to guess it was 1980 or earlier if at all.


British Airways a320

I was on a new car smelling airbus A320 in a 3-3 configuration, with about six rows of business class, which like most full service European carriers just block out the middle seat. Whereas in coach of course the middle seat is not blocked. I was in the back of the bus again row 26 of 28 and the flight was completely full. So no such luck of an open seat. But on a flight that’s only 55 minutes wheels up to wheels down, I’ll survive.  Legroom was at a premium, and I couldn’t sit in any position where my knees didn’t hit the seat in front of me. But the seat width for some reason felt a bit roomy. I’ll have to check the specs but I did feel like I had an extra inch or two.

One long cabin with a curtain splitting coach form business class


The view from my row, 2 rows from the back.



Coat hook between the seats.



For some reason I’m happy in my seat, I think it’s because I’m going to Dublin!


What cracks me up about these short haul flights, is that the staff hustle on the plane. They only have 40 ish minutes to serve food and drink. Yes I said food and drink, and it was free.  When was the last time you flew LAX to Oakland and got more than a drink? Or on any US domestic flight. Sure it was packaged, but was actually really tasty. A fresh croissant with cheese and ham. Yum. It seems in the ultra-competitive intra-European market you have to provide services like this, otherwise you’re racing to the bottom and competing against the Low Cost Carriers like Ryan Air, Wizz Air or Norwegian and not Lufthansa, Swiss or KLM, which is where BA wants to be.

Other than that the flight was uneventful, it was pretty quick after a 20 minute delay to remove a bag for a missing passenger, but once that was done, we were on our way. Which for London Heathrow is pretty impressive.

Yup even a meal on this 55 minute flight, and something I’d actually want to eat too


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