Review: Sheraton Crescent Hotel Phoenix

Hotel main entrance

This week I visited scorching Phoenix Arizona again. This is my fourth trip here since May. On each trip I’ve stayed at a different Starwood property. This time it was the Sheraton Crescent Hotel.

Unfortunately, this was not the hotel I was thinking I was staying at. Apparently I neglected to map it out from my clients office and accidentally picked the one that was 17 miles not 3 from the office I was working in this week. I had the hotel names mixed up, and since I’d never stayed at either before I thought I was going to the “right” place until my GPS told me otherwise. Oops. Rookie mistake, you think after over 1000 nights in hotels in the past 12 years I’d know better.

So starting off on a bad note and a 30 minute drive after a very very long day sucked. Once I got there I was not impressed by the outside. It’s not dirty or ugly it’s just not very distinctive. It’s a large sprawling hotel as you can see and it just has no character, thankfully my blasé mood was immediately changed when I was told I had been upgraded to a suite for my two night stay. I love Phoenix in the summer cheap rooms and an upgrade as a Starwood Platinum.




I was on the 6th floor room 660 and 662, I was intrigued by the fact my room had two numbers. Wow. The check in agent joked with me about the fact that someone upgraded me and I replied “please let that someone know when you see them that I appreciate it.”

The hotel has 8 floors with the top two being Starwood executive floors with a room key required in the elevator to access. Plus if you’re on these floors you have access to the executive lounge. Because of my status I still had access to the lounge and complimentary continental breakfast and afternoon cocktails.

The room was at the end of a very long hall, and had double doors and a small foyer inside doors. Inside the foyer to the left was a hall leading to the bedroom and straight ahead was the dining area and living room. Both interior spaces had their own key card entrances too if you wanted lock them off. I was impressed. The spaces were big, comfortable although the living space was dated it still looked good whereas the bedroom was more modern and also looked good. Side by side a little odd since the decor was different but that’s ok, I’m not complaining yet.

The living space had a six person dining room table, and buffet. The living space had a love seat/fold out couch, two side chairs, a small coffee area, a queen size wall Hide a bed, TV and full bathroom. Overall a spacious area, and if it was my room, I’d have been happy.

Living room
Dinner anyone?
Guest full bath
Coffee bar, sorry no fridge

The bedroom sported a king size bed, work desk, TV, coffee bar, side chair, two very large closets and a separate barroom. Again a good sized room. Lastly there was a wraparound balcony, with chairs and a view of I-17, not exactly a great view. But since it was so hot there was no need to use the balcony. I’d say size wise it was as large as the living room and dining space.

Overall the room spaces were great, I was truly happy with the free upgrade. Thanks Starwood. I had way too much room, but I appreciated it. Plus each room came with two bottles of Dasani water each day, in the heat I was grateful. With all this good karma and nice room, the issues I had, I feel guilty even mentioning, but I think it’s only fair to report the issues too.

Bedroom- room 660
Guest chair
Looooong hallway from bedroom to foyer, closets are on the whole right hand wall.
Master Bath

The first night I saw a tiny bug on my bed. Holy crap was it a bedbug? I quickly caught it, did some googling, and eventually decided it was NOT. But it added some heart palpitations for about 30 minutes. I also felt I needed to strip the bed to make sure I was pest free.  Again I was in good shape, but this is not how you want a hotel stay to start. It just kept me paranoid, and I just didn’t like that. Plus I didn’t want to be a jerk and check out based on one spider that was tiny and on my bed. Secondly there was no fridge, this was a suite for crying out loud, and besides that what hotel doesn’t have a fridge. So both nights I ended throwing away leftovers. Boo, what a waste. Then on the second night I was doing my business on the toilet, sorry for the TMI. And what luck would I have but something crawling on my back, I jumped about 10 feet. Yup it was a bug, a gnat this time. Man what bad luck. This hotel could not catch a break. Again it made me uneasy, should I consider it a sign. No I didn’t take pictures of these little guys, no need to further harp on the subject. It’s summer in Arizona, can chalk it up to that?

The last item I think was the worst, and really bugged me. No pun intended. The hotel was quiet, I’m guessing not even 30% full. On my hallway, there were maybe three rooms occupied, based on newspapers left outside the doors and do not disturb signs. I could be wrong though. Why do I care? Well my room was at the end of a hall that was poorly lit, and there were blind spots at the end of the hall by my room. No the lights were not out or turned off, there just weren’t any. This picture doesn’t show how dim it was, but it just made me uneasy. I had no reason to think I was in danger, but as a solo traveler, these are things I watch out for. I should have reported it to the hotel, I didn’t. I know not my finest moment, but what do you say? I mean it was not pitch black just poorly lit.

This photo was taken at the beginning of the last bank of rooms before the two suites at the end of the hallway to the left and right of the exit signs (some 20 feet away). Notice there’s only one can light and the large blind spot. I know it looks bright, today’s modern cellphone cameras do a great job w/ low light.

So from my review you can see I had mixed feelings. I can’t say I would not stay here again, the room and facilities seemed fine, but at the same time being a little paranoid about bugs and lighting, doesn’t make me feel good. I’ll have to be working closer than 17 miles from here to consider it for my next trip.

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