Travelvember is here


My travel month

We’ll it’s another busy month on the airline circuit. I know I’ve flown 35k miles in a month before but it’s been a few years. This time thought there’s a good amount of personal/fun travel included. The month started out with a bang with my 5th trip to Australia since July 1st. It’s been a hectic work week so far, but I only have a few more before I make the long journey home. Work has been fun down here, stressful at times, but a really really great learning experience that will help me down the road for many years in the work arena. It’s funny though and this happens a lot with my work trips, after I’ve been to a city a few times whether it’s Las Vegas, San Diego, Calgary, Seattle or even Sydney, they’re all lose their luster. Don’t get me wrong, I love love love to travel and wouldn’t change a thing, but I guess I’ve gotten jaded going places for work, because it’s just another city, another hotel and some other restaurant to try. I know tough problem to have.


Well after a couple weeks here, I get to go back home till Turkey Day, where the family will be heading out of town to visit relatives in Dallas. This is only the second time I’ve travelled away from the Bay Area for Thanksgiving, so we’ll see how the airports go on Wednesday. I do love to cook, but it sure is nice to get to have it at someone’s else’s house instead of hosting and cooking. After a busy six months, this’ll be just great relax and help put but not have to be responsible. Besides hanging out in Dallas is always fun and I look forward to family time.


Lastly VACATION!!! Back in 2009, before we had baby, my wife and I had one of the best vacations ever, in the Maldives. It was and is the vacation that all vacations are now compared to, which means all vacations have a lot to live up to. So after 3 ½ years we get to go back, and get to take our little one with us. Sure it’s 20 hours of air travel one way but I can’t  decide if I’m more excited for the plane trip or the two week vacation in an Oceanside bungalow literally in the middle of nowhere. The three of us have seats on the plane and we’re flying my favorite airline Singapore Airlines on all segments in both directions, plus earlier this year I was able to use my airline miles for first class tickets. WHOOO HOOO, there’s something to be said about flying a way I could never afford. Then it’s two weeks of working on my sun tan, searching for manta rays, whale sharks and making sandcastles with my daughter.


So is flying 35k in 20+ days’ worth it, in this case absolutely.




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  1. Hi Rahul,
    Checked in after reading your comment on the Flyertalk Rangali forum. We love travelling, so really enjoyed your blog! We’ll be checking in at Conrad Rangali in two weeks’ time as well, on Sat morning Dec 1st for eight nights, second visit in two years: yes, the place kind of grows on you and makes other vacations seem a bit dull in comparison…! Hope your daughter will enjoy it as much as ours did: in fact, this is one of the rare destinations where our somewhat “travel-spoiled” 8-year-old is happy to return, much thanks to the snorkling experience I think.
    Last time we were upgraded to a DBV, but fully prepared not to be as lucky every time. However, we decided to splash out on a RWV for the last two nights, just to have the experience. ‘Cause I don’t know if we can keep going back like this every year…!


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