Does great food trump bad service

I’ve had the opportunity to eat at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Jamie’s Italian Kitchen in Sydney five or six times, and every time I go I ask myself why. The food is just amazing, he’s created a wonderful menu with lots of great pasta and fish options as well as fabulous desert menu. The problem is the horrendous service. The wait staff are frankly indifferent and unfriendly. They take and incredibly long time to take your order, and the food delivery takes even longer, and forget about getting a drink, because you have a better chance of finding a watery oasis in the Sahara Desert, before they’ll bring you’re drink order. I don’t know what it is that makes the service so sloppy, I even sent a note to the general manager after my second visit explaining some of the things that happened to me during my visit. Let’s just say that the first and second entrée I ordered we’re not available and there was over a 20 minute wait between each order before I found out they were out of my choice. Sure this happens, but two times in a row and the staff not knowing what they are out of, oh and I was charged for my third choice. I could go on but I’ll refrain. I will say that the GM was very very kind and comped a future meal for a guest and me and even allowed a reservation for a future night (they don’t take them) and the wait is typically 30-45 minutes on any night of the week, either Sydneysiders, don’t know what good service is or just don’t care.

So I ask you why do I keep eating there, because the food is just that good. The pasta expertly prepared with fabulous sauces and the appetizers I’ve tried are even better. I just can’t tell you how great the food is, so I’ll share a few pictures, and hopefully they will convey how good it is. I just keep asking myself why why why, when I sit down, but leave satisfied with the taste of the food, and pissed off at the service. UUGH, first world problem I guess. So tell me this do you keep going to places that have good food or ambiance, but the worst service.

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