Boy are my arms tired

This has been one of those weeks that you only dream about, whether it’s a good one or a nightmare, that’s entirely up to you. In my case minus being away from home for a bit as I have been, this is a good dream. As you can see from the map I’ve done or will do some flying this week. Last Friday I left Sydney bound for home I was in the Bay Area for three nights and then onto my next assignment, Detroit for two nights. I flew via Dallas both ways and got home Wednesday night or more appropriately Thursday morning just after Midnight. Now it’s Friday night again and I’m headed out and yup you guessed it back to Sydney. This time though, I didn’t have the direct flight I’m making my way West to Hong Kong before heading South to Sydney. Yes I know it’s a bit out of a the way but it offered the best timing option for me, was almost the cheapest choice for a last minute ticket, and as a bonus I get to hang out in one of my favorite cities, Hong Kong for almost 24 hours on that way back home. I do pay  attention to the amount of miles I fly, so I can’t say for sure that this is the first time I’ve flown 24,000 miles in one week, but I’m going to guess it probably is. I’ve done some long trips before and many back to back ones at that, but this is truly amazing. Let’s see how I feel when I get there. Oh yeah by the time I get to Sydney, my San Francisco Giants may be NL West Champs, the magic number is TWO!!!

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