I Feel Like I’m Cheating

Well I feel like I’m cheating on United Airlines or Star Alliance. For the past eight years or so I’ve almost exclusively flown United or one of it’s global partners with well over 100k miles flown per year and 1 million miles flown in the past 10 years. Occasionally though, I do fly other airlines mostly Southwest with maybe six trips a year on them and the occasional one off, but 9 out of 10 flights is on UA or one of their partners.

Today that all changes, I’m flying American Airlines part of the One World Alliance. Earlier this year AA offered a limited amount of airline status matches to UA 1k fliers to AA’s top tier Executive Platinum status. In the four months I’ve had it, I’ve not been able to take advantage of the new status, but that all changes today on my trip to Detroit. We’ll see how it goes but I must say it truly feels weird to be “cheating” on UA. I will say that even thought I have not gotten on the plane yet AA has already done a lot to make me want to fly them more, they gave me 15 coupons for free inflight wifi and three coupons to the Admirals Club lounge. Besides that they give all Ex Plats a free drink and meal in coach (sure airline food is airline food) but free is free. Let’s see how this goes, but if things go well, I may keep flying American.

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