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Glutton For Punishment…Again



Delay #1

Yes it is well documented, that I’m glutton for punishment. And this week is no exception. I worked in Portland and Medford Oregon. No that’s not why.

Today I get to fly home to the Bay Area from Medford and there’s exactly one airline with nonstop service and it’s United to San Francisco. Now I’ve had a love hate with them the last few years and will not specifically avoid flying them, but when I have a choice I won’t fly them. Continue reading

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Catching the Aloha spirit on Alaska Airlines


Aloha here we come

Last week my family and I had the pleasure of flying Alaska Airlines to Honolulu, Hawaii. It was my first time flying Alaska in first class on a flight longer the two hours, and my wife and daughters first flights on Alaska. We flew them from Oakland, California on their direct flight. They also offer connecting service via Portland, Seattle and most LA airports too. They may not offer as many flights per day as say Delta, American or United, but they most likely offer more destinations from more airports, since the big three really only offer service from their hubs in LA, SFO and  Seattle whereas Alaska offers service from almost all major West Coast cities. From the Bay Area Alaska flies to the four major islands in Hawaii (Oahu, Big Island, Maui and Kauai). We bought the tickets about six weeks ago using their Bank of America Visa buy one ticket get one for $99 plus tax. 

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Alaska Airlines sometimes means Aloha

I recently picked up the Alaska Airlines Signature Visa Credit Card. So what’s the big deal? Why am I blogging about it? Well, I have one six letter word for you. Hawaii. My family and I are itching to go to Hawaii this summer, and buying tickets from anywhere on the mainland can just be astronomical. At this moment flights between June and August can be upwards of $600-$800 depending on where you are, plan to go and when.


Alaska Airlines route map, and yes they do fly to many other places besides Alaska. Some 95 destinations.

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I’m an MVP

Well I’m not Superbowl or World Series MVP, so let me clarify. I’m an Alaska Airlines MVP Gold. What does that mean, well it means I have mid-level status with them. They have three levels of status MVP, MVP Gold and MVP Gold 75K.

As it may seem I tend to obsess about status. I’m not really one to try and achieve every airline and hotel status, but this has been an interesting year so far. After my decision last year to give up on having top tier status on two airlines (United and American) I had some decisions to make. Ever since I become executive platinum on American I had taken a small amount of Alaska flights. Alaska is the great free agent of the airline industry they are partners with airlines in two of the three major airline alliances so that means I could put my miles to good use in requalifying with American. Plus I also would get free checked bags and priority boarding. In my line of work and play when I usually fly 150-200,000 miles per year these little perks are very welcoming. Imagine if you always used Wi-Fi and now you had to use wired internet. Think how that would hinder your opportunities to read my blog at the beach or at a baseball game. Well that’s what it’s like when you travel a lot and then loose a really good perk. Continue reading

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