Sophia’s first stamp

Well it’s finally here, the first vacation with 14 month Sophia where she gets to show off her new passport, and finally get her first stamp. Instead of heading to someplace close like Canada or Mexico, that would be boring, we decided on Australia. Yeah I know some of you may think we’re just nuts for subjecting her let alone ourselves to 14-16 hours in a long metal tube , but hey if we’re going to rip off the Band-Aid it might as well be epic. I am nervous but, in her short life she’s already flown to Dallas 2x, Alabama 2x and Anaheim once, so it’s now time to go global. We were at least smart enough to get her her own seat and we’re bringing along her car seat to stick her in while she sleeps (cross our fingers).  I’ll let you know how it goes once we make it there, but let’s hope for a smooth and fun trip and a chance to see a bunch of amazing sites, and if we’re lucky a wild kangaroo or koala.


Oh yeah United if you’re listening, I’m cashing in all my chips, all my good deeds and karma, please find it in your heart to upgrade us. I know the list is long and we’re some 10 names down it but a family can dream can’t it. That coach seat is definitely not as inviting as a business class one would be.


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