Photo of the Week: April 19


Photo of the Week: Is courtesy of Yountville, California. Last weekend we had a lovely dinner at Bouchon. Across the street from the establishment, there’s a boutique shopping center and several restaurants, including Napa Style. On the outside of the center was this beautiful Wisteria plant, which makes me jealous since ours after eight years still has not bloomed once.

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Bouchon, this one lovely word makes my mouth water. I’ve only been to this Thomas Keller establishment twice now, but man do I love it. Bouchon opened in 1998 in Yountville, Ca (in the heart of Napa Valley) and is just down the street from Keller’s flagship world famous French Laundry (a place I dream to eat at someday). Keller is the only American born chef to hold three Michelin Stars at two restaurants. Hey that’s enough of a history lesson on this acclaimed chef, if you want to learn more do what I did and check out Wikipedia. Now let’s get onto the divine food I had.

The wife and I had a double date last weekend and made an earlyish reservation for the four of us. Yountville can be a bit of a trek, even from the East Bay. It’s only about 40 miles from our house but traffic on a two lane road can make it take a long time sometimes. In this case we were pleasantly surprised a quick 45 minutes and we were here. Because we were so early, we got a chance to walk around and do some shopping first and just soak in the late Spring evening. Once eventually walked into the restaurant and were still 20 minutes early, and expected to hang out at the bar, but were immediately seated. I didn’t expect that. Continue reading

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Photo of the Week: April 12


This weeks photo courtesy of Terminal 3 at San Francisco Airport’s amazing revolving art display. The last exhibit displayed this super cool Hello Kitty dress, that my daughter would have gone gaga over. Unfortunately if you make it thought T-3 today, the art exhibit is all based on toys and it’s called Japanese Toys! From Kokeshi to Kaiju. It’s also pretty awesome, but it’s not an HK dress.

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The Fruits of my Labor


We have a nice dwarf orange tree in the backyard, it’s about 15 years old and some years it’s more prolific then others in the orange production department. This year was no exception it provided us a really great harvest. I made sure it got regular watering and fertilizer and was rewarded with a bountiful harvest. Because of the great sun this year and ample water we had some huge results. The oranges are about the size of small softballs and easily weigh one to one and half pounds apiece. We’ve enjoyed eating them, but it was time to get some juice.

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The Magic is Here

My band

My band

We received our package in the mail this week, and I’m proud to say that I am the owner of a Magic Band. In a few weeks we’ll be heading to Wald Disney World, for a weeklong vacation with another family and to prepare for our trip we got a chance to order Magic Bands. If you’re not familiar with them, they are the new replacement to the vaunted paper Fast Pass, first introduced in 1999 for Mission to Mars at WDW, I’m not 100% sure but I believe the first ride in California with Fast Pass was The Indian Jones Adventure. Fast Pass was and is the reservation system for getting a ticket to an attraction with a specific return time. The idea was to cut down the sometimes hours long wait to enjoy one of the spectacular rides and attractions. Over the years the process has morphed from unlimited distribution of them via a AAA ticket purchase to getting one ever few hours based on some Disney formula to now only being able to redeem them during the specific hour long return time.


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Obsession, isn’t that a Cologne?

Obsession, isn’t that a cologne? Do they even make that anymore? My wife is a really really good sport. I spend a few minutes every day scheming, scheming for where to go next. And no I don’t mean where to go tomorrow or next week, but where to go on vacation or take a quick weekend trip too. Why? Well, when you have miles to spend and there are deals to be had I just have to see what and where I/we should go. Continue reading

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Photo of the Week: April 5


Our beloved kitties, we’ll not really kitties anymore, since they will be four next month. But to me, Jack and Milo (brothers) will always be kitties.


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My Favorite Italian Restaurant 54 Mint

Last weekend my wife and I had a date and went to our favorite Italian restaurant in the east bay 54 Mint. It’s  located in a nondescript strip mall in Concord that also houses a Trader Joes and several other small shops and restaurants.  From the outside the restaurant may be non-descript but once you walk in you feel like you’re at home in this very simple but elegant place. Concord is not a bastion for foodies, but in this case it has lucked itself into a little gem that can stand up to the big boys. Continue reading

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Photo of the Week: March 28

I’ve decided every week I’m going have a Photo of the Week. Between all the family fun and travel I’ve had chances to experience some cool things and some very mundane so what better then to tshare them with all of my loyal readers.

Todays is from last Sunday when I met up with a buddy at The Elite Cafe in San Francisco’s Fillmore District for brunch and had one of their famous Bloody Mary’s. They serve it with pickled beans and onions plus a cube of pepper jack cheese. It’s a nice compliment to the spicy cocktail.


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One Quarter Down Three To Go

Only 80,000 miles traveled thus far this year

Only 80,000 miles traveled thus far this year


So this has been a very very busy quarter for me. Wow I know I have traveled a lot of miles in other years, but for some reason this year and this quarter just seem a little over the top. The majority of the travel has been personal, three trips to Dubai over an eight week period and one trip to LA. But for work I’ve already been to Portland, Dallas, Chicago, Calgary, Toronto, Phoenix, Eugene, Bozeman, Las Vegas and Denver and it’s only March 28th. Wowezers. Continue reading

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