A-List here I come; Southwest Airlines Status Match

IMG_2714I recently took the opportunity of a free Southwest A-List status match. The airline is currently offering people the chance of getting A-List status for 90 days if you send them your current airline status of a competitor. What was really great about this opportunity, was that all I had to do was send a screen shot from another airlines with my current status above being a general member, and about 10 days later I got this simple response with my new Southwest A-List status. Continue reading

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Southwest: The Airline I LUV To Hate


The vaunted group A, what a lucky duck I was.

Southwest Airlines is a carrier I LUV to hate. They are the nation’s largest airline by passenger volume and have a huge route network throughout the United States and earlier this year Mexico and the Caribbean. They serve 96 cities in 41 states and have over 3,600 departures per day. Overall this is just incredible, but the Greyhound of the skies is just not my carrier of choice, but when push comes to shove I have to suck it up and get in line like all the other cattle.

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